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Ductless Heating in Pensacola, FL

The common view people have of home heating is of a furnace or heat pump that is connected to a branching network of ducts. The ducts travel through the walls and ceilings of home to the vents, where they release heated air into rooms. This is the most common way for homes to enjoy central heating, but it is not the only way. The technology of ductless mini split heat pumps allows for central forced-air heating that uses not an inch of ductwork.

Ductless heating systems are excellent choices for a number of homes, such as older ones without space for ducts or new home construction, and offer other advantages that are making them more popular. If you would like to know more about ductless mini splits, call Lee Heating & Cooling. We install and offer other services for ductless heating in Pensacola, FL, and our licensed and skilled technicians are glad to offer their assistance for any job you may need for home comfort.

If you need ductless heating services in Pensacola, FL or the surrounding areas, call on Lee Heating & Cooling.

How a Ductless Split System Works

Ductless heating systems are types of heat pumps. Rather than operate through a standard set of two cabinets, with an indoor cabinet that connects to the ventilation system, a ductless system operates with a single outdoor cabinet and a series of smaller mini–air handlers mounted on the walls of different rooms. (This is where they get the term ductless mini split.) The air handlers are connected through the wall to the outdoor unit with a refrigerant and power line. They release heat from their refrigerant coil and a fan blows the air from the unit straight into the room.

Benefits of Ductless Heating to Consider

Ductless heating systems are often installed to help with new home construction or remodeling, since they save an immense amount of space by eliminating the necessity of ducts. There are other advantages to consider that might steer you toward have a ductless mini split installed:

Heating and cooling:
Because ductless mini splits are a type of heat pump, they offer the same benefit as well heat pump, which is that they can also work as cooling systems.
Energy efficiency:
The lack of ducts means that ductless heating systems will not lose heat through the ducts wall on the way to the vents, which makes them highly energy efficient. They also use smaller motors and draw less power than conventional heat pumps.
Improved air quality:
Ducts will become filled with dust and other debris over time, and this will be blown out into your living spaces. Removing ducts takes away a large reservoir of airborne pollutants, which can be especially helpful if people with allergies or asthma live in your home.

We Offer Ductless Heating and Cooling Services in Pensacola, FL

A ductless heating and cooling system isn’t ideal for all homes. If your house already has a network of ducts, than you should probably choose a heat pump or furnace for your next installation. But if a ductless mini split does match your requirements, then you should give Lee Heating & Cooling a call and talk about your options with our HVAC specialists.

In addition to installing and replacing ductless mini split heat pumps, we also offer fast repair and regular maintenance service. Make us your first choice for all your comfort needs in Pensacola, FL.