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Is a UV Air Purifier Something My Home Needs?

UV-air-purifier-lightMost modern residential buildings benefit from some type of air filter or air purifier. It’s an unfortunate fact that today’s homes are built too well, allowing for little fresh air circulation to remove air pollutants. Professionally installed air filters and electric air purifiers can make a tremendous improvement in indoor air quality for homes without sacrificing energy efficiency by opening up all the windows.

But what type of air purifier is right for ­your home? You may have heard about the power of the UV air purifier, which consists of ultraviolet lamps. It’s true that UV air purifiers are powerful, but they aren’t necessary for every home.

The Pollutants a UV Air Purifier Targets

First, let’s look at what contaminants a UV air purifier is designed to counteract. Where the standard electric air purifier can affect odor molecules, smoke, pesticides, and volatile organic compounds, the UV air purifier aims at microbes, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, germs, and other organic pollutants. The ultraviolet light from the lamps creates cellular disruption in these unwanted intruders, which either makes them inert and harmless or destroys them outright. The lights are also effective at preventing the start of mold growth. They’re easy to maintain and are safe for people and pets.

Is Your Home Right for a UV Air Purifier?

If your house has suffered from mold troubles before, then we recommend looking into using UV lamps. High moisture is a problem here in Florida, so many homes will benefit from a UV air purifier. (We also recommend duct testing to see if mold developing in your ducts is because of moist air getting inside through leaks.)

Mold can easily grow along the indoor coil of an air conditioner because of the condensation that builds up along it. The mold lowers the efficiency of the AC and also create the dreaded “dirty sock syndrome” that sends an unpleasant odor around the house. If your home has experienced this before, a UV air purifier is one of the best solutions. The ultraviolet lights are positioned to shine on the evaporator coil and keep mold from growing.

We also recommend putting in a UV air purifier if illness seems common in your household. Stopping the circulation of germs through the HVAC system can do wonders for cutting down on trouble during flu season.

Working with IAQ Professionals

If you still feel uncertain about installing a UV air purifier after reading this, don’t worry. You can have IAQ professionals come to your home and determine the issues it’s experiencing and how best to handle them.

Installing a UV air purifier—or any type of air purifier or filter—requires the work of a Pensacola, FL HVAC professional. Trying to buy a purifier yourself and set it up correctly inside the ventilation system will give you a purifier that won’t do the best job—if it can do its job at all! Leave the work to us. We’ll see that you have the right indoor air quality systems to keep your home healthy.

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