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How to Tell You Have Leaky Ducts

inside-AC-ductQuick question: how well do you really know your ducts? If you’re being honest, probably not too well. That’s to be expected, since you can’t see most of the ductwork in your house. It’s hidden in the attic, the ceilings, and between walls. Because the ductwork is so clandestine (we know that sounds a bit overdramatic), it may have leaks and other damage that you won’t notice at all—until they start to create serious trouble.

We offer duct sealing in Pensacola, FL, and if you suspect you have leaky air ducts, all it takes to solve the problem is to get in touch with us.

But how can you know you have a problem that needs to be solved if you can’t see the ductwork? Let’s take a look at a few of the indicators you need duct sealing.

Some warning signs of leaky ducts

Some signs are more obvious than others, and a few may point to different troubles than leaky ducts. Calling HVAC professionals will ensure you know what the real problem is so it can get resolved.

  • Uneven heating and cooling: You expect your central HVAC system to distribute hot and cold temperatures evenly around the house when either the AC or heater is on. Weakened ducts will cause hot and cold spots around the house as the air heading toward those rooms seeps out of the leaks. For example, if you find rooms in the house this summer that have turned much hotter than normal, the trouble may be leaking ducts.
  • Rattling sounds from the ducts: When the blower motor comes on in your HVAC system, do you hear a strange rattling sound from the ductwork? That’s often a sign that parts of the ducts are loose or damaged. If the rattling noises become more pronounced when the AC or heater comes on, it’s an even bigger warning. Ducts expand and contract as the temperature in the ventilation system, and this can make a lot of noise if the ducts are in poor shape.
  • Musty and moldy odors from the vents: What’s that smell coming from the vents? If it’s the kind of smell you associate with a dusty closed-off room nobody’s been in for weeks (or even months), the problem may be that air from closed-off spaces in your house is getting drawn into the ductwork. Spots like the attic and gaps between the walls are filled with musty, possibly moldy, air. Have HVAC technicians check out what’s happening as soon as possible.
  • Out-of-control utility bills: Have you seen much higher costs recently on your utility bills? There are many possibilities for this, but if you can’t account for it with increased usage, one possibility is damaged ducts. Whatever is behind it, have your local HVAC experts check out the system as soon as possible. They’ll discover what’s causing this spike in the cost to keep your home comfortable.

Whatever you need for a great ventilation system that helps—not hurts—your indoor comfort, you can trust the work to our expert team!

Seal those leaky ducts with our team! Lee Heating & Cooling commits to the highest quality customer service and professionalism in Pensacola, FL.

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