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Duct Cleaning Can Make a Difference in Allergy Season

dandelion-in-fieldSpring is allergy season, although the effects can start as early as February. As soon as the air begins to warm up, plant blooms send a higher quantity of pollen into the air, raising the pollen count and setting off allergies and asthma attacks. The rains here in Florida can worsen the situation. Pollen count often increases after a rainfall. Our allergy season can last well into the summer.

We recommend you schedule duct cleaning in Pensacola, FL this spring if you have concerns about an increase allergy problems over the past few years. You’re probably overdue for duct cleaning anyway, and improving allergies is only one of the benefits of regular duct cleaning services.

How Does Duct Cleaning Improve Allergy Problems?

Your ducts are a reservoir where all sorts of airborne pollutants gather. A thin dust layer develops over the duct lining as air from the inside of the home is circulated through the ductwork. This dust starts to trap more particles, such as pet dander, pollens, lint, dust mites, and even mold. All of these are allergens, and they circulate through your home whenever the HVAC system’s blower fan comes on. You can clean your house—but you can’t reach inside the ducts to get where most of the dust and other allergens are hiding.

Professional duct cleaning provides a complete removal of these pollutants. Technicians seal off the ventilation system, then attach a power vacuum to where the HVAC cabinet connects to the ducts. The vacuum changes pressure inside the ventilation system, which agitates pollutants from the duct walls and allows them to be easily sucked into the vacuum. Special rotary brushes are used for deeper cleaning through vent openings.

Not only does duct cleaning take away this major source of allergy-causing pollutants, it improves overall HVAC performance. You’ll have lower air conditioning bills for the coming summer (always welcome in Florida) because the air will encounter less resistance in the ducts. Clean duct also protects the AC and heater from dust contamination that leads to repair needs and possibly an early system replacement.

How often should you schedule cleaning? We recommend every 3 to 5 years. If you haven’t scheduled cleaning before, now is the best time to do it, when you can help out with potential allergy problems. Contact us to find out more about having duct cleaning done this year.

Other Indoor Air Quality Options for Allergy Season

Duct cleaning for dirty ducts is one step you can take for lessening allergies in your home this spring. There are other IAQ tools available to remove allergens from circulating in your air. Standard air filters are a good place to start, but you may also benefit from air purifiers or UV germicidal lights. The latter are excellent if your home has problems with allergy-triggering mold spores. Along with duct cleaning services, our team is also familiar with many IAQ products and how to install and service them. Ask them about how they can improve your home’s air quality.

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