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Ways to Know You Need Heater Service—Soon!

wrenchesThe mild winter days in Florida make it hard to tell when something is wrong with a residential heating system. A Florida home heater doesn’t run often—not the way one does in a town in New England or Wisconsin. People aren’t accustomed to paying attention to the signs a heating system is having trouble, and this can lead to trouble when the heater wears down.

The next time you need to turn on your furnace or other heating system during this winter, watch for indications anything is wrong. The signs of malfunctions can be small, which is why they easily slip under people’s notice. But with the extra caution, you’ll find out if you need to call for heating repair from an HVAC contractor to fix the problem—before it turns into a bigger problem.

The Warning Signs to Have Heater Repair ASAP

This is a short list of the more common indicators you have a heating system in need of professional service:

  • Strange, loud noises: You’re probably accustomed to the sound your furnace, heat pump, or other heater makes as it warms up the house. Something disrupting this white noise, like screeching or clanging, is more than a nuisance. It usually shouts, “Hey, something’s not right here!” It can be loose mechanical parts, cracks in the heat exchanger, motor bearings wearing down, damaged ductwork, and more.
  • Cold spots in the house: Have you found a room that’s cooler than expected when the heater is on? After checking that the problem is a partially open window or a window that needs caulking, check on the airflow from the room’s vent. If it seems weak, there’s something wrong in either the heater or part of the ventilation system. Loss of heat in parts of a house is often the first sign of a heating system on its way toward failing.
  • Higher utility bills: When you see your utility bills for a month when you used the heater more than usual, is the bill much higher than you anticipated? That often means a malfunction is forcing the heater work harder. Have it checked out to ensure you aren’t paying too much.
  • Tripped circuit breakers: Even gas-powered furnaces need electrical power to run, since the blower fan runs off an electric motor. If the heating system draws too much electrical power, it can trip a circuit breaker. If this happens only once, it’s probably nothing to worry about. If it continues to happen, then it’s time to call for heating service.

Yes, You Must Have Professionals for This

Never attempt to fix a heater malfunction as a “do-it-yourself” project. This isn’t the time for that. You put the heating system and yourself at—especially if you have a gas-powered heater. Don’t allow an amateur to take a crack at the system either. The same problems can occur, and you have no guarantees anything will be done correctly. There’s also a risk when you have anyone without insurance working on your system. Go with the licensed professionals! That way the job will get done right, fast, and safely.

We’re the Pensacola, FL heating contractor to call when you believe it’s time for service for your heater. Our NATE-certified technicians will put your mind at ease.

Lee Heating & Cooling serves Pensacola and the surrounding areas. We have 24-hour emergency service available!

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