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Planning for a Heating System Replacement? Here’s Some Tips

furnace-gas-with-pipesThe mild winters here in Pensacola mean that homeowners aren’t often in a rush to have a new heating system installed to beat out the weather. We recommend that you don’t wait to schedule a replacement: take advantage of the late fall and early winter season, when the cool weather is the mildest and it’s easiest to schedule this important service at a convenient time for you.

You shouldn’t just leap into replacing your heater, however. We have some tips below for how to get the best out of your new heating installation in Pensacola, FL:

Make sure your current heater really is ready to retire

If you’re considering replacing your heating system, ask yourself why. Has it been showing signs that it’s no longer up to the task of keeping the house warm? Is a few years beyond its warranty? Have you spent more for repairs over the last year than you think is worthwhile? These are all good reasons to consider a replacement, but check with HVAC professionals first to see if repairs might be able to keep the system going for a few more years. You don’t want to pay to replace a heating system years before you should.

Think about future remodeling projects for your house

Do you have plans to remodel sections of your home at some point in the near future? If you are, you might want to combine this with a complete new HVAC installation, both heating and cooling. For example, you may wish to have the old ductwork taken out entirely and replaced with a ductless air conditioning and heating system, which offers great benefits along with making the remodeling more flexible.

Consider going solar!

We’re big on solar energy here: Florida is one of the best states for taking advantage of the free power from the sun! A new solar installation can power your heating system as well as other parts of your house, including the air conditioning and the water heater. You can use a solar heating system as your first step into the world of inexpensive and environmentally friendly solar power.

Consider geothermal!

Here’s another alternative form of energy that provides environmental and energy-saving benefits. An ground-source heat pump works similar to a standard heat pump (which means you’re also getting cooling power) except that instead of using the outdoor air for heat exchange, it uses the ground. The stable temperature of the earth where the ground loops are buried allows a geothermal heat pump to work at high energy efficiency.

Always have professionals size and install your new heater

No matter what type of heating system you decide to get, always rely on HVAC professionals to handle the job of properly sizing it so it delivers the amount of heat your household requires for comfort—without wasting power. The professionals will take care of the replacement job, from removing and disposing of the old system to the final connections and test of the new system.

Lee Heating & Cooling serves Pensacola, FL and the surrounding areas. We commit to the highest quality customer service and professionalism. We’re here to handle your heating replacement!

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