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It’s November Already: Do I Really Need Heating Maintenance?

service-reminder-on-glassIt’s amazing that October has already zipped past and we’re getting ready for Thanksgiving. Winter doesn’t start until the third week of December, but most of us are already going to be in “winter mode.” After all, winter means something different here in Florida than it does in, say, Nebraska or Minnesota. And once you get into “winter mode,” it’s easy to think that it’s a bit too late to bother with important fall tasks—like regular heating maintenance.

We understand that it’s easy to think that heater maintenance in Perdido, FL isn’t that important. At least “not every year” important. However, this does need to be done annually, and November definitely isn’t too late for it!

We Do Have Cool Days and Cold Nights Coming Up

The coldest month in the Pensacola area is January. The average high during January is 61°F, which is a touch nippy. If your home has good insulation, you can get by on many days without having to turn on a heating system. But the average low—which means during the evenings—is around 42°F, and that’s a time when you’ll want some heating help! These low temperatures during the evening will last through March, so you do need to ensure your heating system is capable of taking on work during the winter.

There’s Still Time to Schedule Heating Maintenance

The cold days are going to start this month, so right now is when you can have heating maintenance done before you really need to have the system up and running. (In fact, it’s really never too late to have maintenance, but the earlier it’s done, the more advantages you reap and the fewer problems the heater will have in the future.)

A Reminder of Why Heating Maintenance Is Important and Beneficial

  • It keeps your heater working at its maximum efficiency, wasting little energy. This is important in our climate because we often use electrical heaters that are costlier to run than gas-powered systems. During the short periods the heater is running, you want it to consume as little power as necessary—and heating maintenance helps see this is the case.
  • It helps the heating system avoid the majority of repair costs, since 85% of heating repair issues happen because of lack of maintenance.
  • It increases the lifespan of your heater. You want a long life from a heating system, and regular maintenance reduces the strain on the heater to help it achieve the longest service life possible.
  • It means better comfort all around. You won’t have your heater start to fail on you—or actually fail on you—and leave the house uncomfortably cool on that coldest night in January!

To set up your heating maintenance for this year, as well as for air conditioning maintenance in the spring, join our Lee Cool Club. Along with the twice-yearly inspections and tune-ups for your heating and cooling systems, you’ll also receive benefits such as the regular rate on after-hour service calls, a 10% discount on HVAC repair, guaranteed 24-hour service, and priority scheduling for service calls.

Lee Heating & Cooling serves Pensacola, FL and the surrounding areas. We have 24-hour service available.

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