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What an Air Conditioning Tune-Up Actually Does

air-conditioning-manometer-pressure-refrigerantFor HVAC companies, the major work for spring is helping customers maintain their air conditioning systems so they’re ready for the coming summer weather. This is an important job no matter where you live, but in Florida it’s essential. Trying to cope with the hot and humid weather in Florida with an AC system that hasn’t gotten proper professional service can quickly mean a busted AC. At the very least, it means an AC that costs more to run than it should or which will encounter excessive repair issues.

To help you understand why arranging for a professional air conditioning tune-up in Cantonment, FL this spring is crucial, we’re going to look at what this tune-up service actually does. It’s much more than a quick visual check and a few adjustments. Our technicians put a great deal of work into each maintenance job. It’s part of our commitment to seeing that all our customers receive the best in service.

Inspection for Malfunctions and Problem Spots

One of the first goals of an AC maintenance tune-up is to catch possible malfunctions and repair needs, either to prevent them from becoming problems or dealing with them when they are still minor, inexpensive repairs. The technicians do checks on refrigerant pressure, which will alert them to refrigerant leaks, looking over the wiring to find corrosion (a common trouble in the humid weather of Florida), run amperage checks on the motor, check on the outdoor cabinet level to see that the unit isn’t settling into the ground, and test cooling output. If anything doesn’t seem right, the technicians can either fix it on the spot if it’s a minor trouble or arrange with you to have repairs done before summer arrives.

Adjustments for Better Performance

Regardless of whether the technicians find places that need repairs or not, they’ll always go through a number of adjustments steps to help the AC work at its best and most energy efficient during the coming season. This is the true “tune-up” part of the tune-up. Here are some of the jobs the AC techs do during this part of maintenance: tightening electrical connections, lubricating motors and moving parts, cleaning the indoor and outdoor coils (as necessary), cleaning the outdoor unit of debris, straightening bent cooling fins, removing and cleaning the condensate drain, changing the air filter, and cleaning off the outdoor motors. Depending on the age of the system, they may need to take extra steps to ensure the AC is in the best shape possible.

Ensure Warranty Compliance

There are many reasons you only want a professional contractor to handle your AC maintenance and tune-up. One important reason is that only a licensed technician can keep the air conditioner’s warranty valid. Your parts warranty will only remain current if a fully licensed HVAC contractor handles the maintenance work (as well as any repair work). In most cases, the system must have this tune-up done each year to ensure compliance. The technicians will see that the system has the work necessary so your warranty remains in force.

Call us for great air conditioning maintenance. Lee Heating & Cooling commits to the highest quality customer service and professionalism.

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