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Troubleshooting the AC Before Calling for Repairs

hand-on-thermostatRats, your air conditioning system isn’t working! Maybe it can’t keep up with the Florida heat and humidity, or it won’t turn on at all. Before you call our expert technicians for air conditioning service in Pensacola, FL, we recommend taking a couple of steps to see if there is a simple solution to the problem. We do not advise you go any further than what we’ve listed here. Don’t open up the HVAC cabinet and try to prod around in there with some tools. Unless you’re a licensed HVAC technician who’s certified to handle refrigerant (you’ll know if you are) there are no significant repairs you can do inside the system, and there’s the potential to make the problem worse.

Here’s what you can do if you’ve got an AC that won’t start, won’t cool, or won’t cool enough.

Check the electrical panel

A common reason for an AC’s fan or compressor to refuse to come on is because the motor tripped a circuit breaker. Any time you’ve got an appliance that won’t turn on, it’s a good idea to go to the electrical panel to see if the circuit for the appliance has tripped. Reset the breaker, and then see if the AC will work as normal. If the tripped circuit breaker continues to happen, there’s an electrical problem with the HVAC system that needs professionals.

Change a clogged air filter

Here’s a problem that crops up all the time in homes: the air filter in the HVAC system is left in place months after it should have been swapped for a clean one, and the throttling of the airflow causes the AC to overheat and stop working. If this doesn’t happen, the airflow reduction will mean a drop in household comfort. If more than three months have passed since you last put in a new filter, the poor performance your AC is experiencing may be the filter’s fault. (Even if it’s not, change the filter anyway!)

Give the thermostat a look

Yes, this sounds overly simplistic. But we can tell stories about how a basic misunderstanding with thermostat programming or someone else in a house adjusting the climate controls can make people think the AC is broken. Reset the programing and try adjusting the thermostat to see if the air conditioner responds. If the thermostat itself is broken, this is a job for repair experts.

See if there are blocked room vents

If the trouble you’re experiencing with the cooling in your house is that there’s low airflow from the vents or rooms that are hotter than normal, go on an inspection tour of all the vent openings in the house. They might be blocked by furniture or rugs, or they may have their shutters closed. Blocking vents doesn’t help save money; it instead increases pressure in the ventilation system that will cause the blower fan to cycle down. Make sure all vents are unobstructed and this may get the AC back to work.

You’ve tried everything and you’ve still got an AC that refuses to budge. Time to call us. We’ll see your AC gets back to work the way you want it.

Reach out to the AC repair professionals at Lee Heating & Cooling. We serve the Pensacola area.

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