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Reasons to Consider a Ductless Air Conditioning and Heating Installation

ductless-mini-split-unit-in-white-roomThere really isn’t such as thing a season for air conditioning installation in Pensacola, FL. Florida enjoy mild, short winters, and the heat is also waiting around the corner. Homeowners expect to have their air conditioning systems working at any time, even in the deeps of winter.

In fact, winter is often the best time to have an overhaul of an old air conditioning system with a new one. If the new system is also a heat pump, that means taking care of heating and cooling at the same time. Heat pumps are a popular choice for Florida comfort because of their dual use and the efficiency they offer for heating compared to an electric furnace.

But if you’re thinking about either a new AC or heat pump installation in winter, have you considered going a step further with a ductless mini split heat pump?

What’s a ductless mini split?

It’s a type of ductless heating and cooling system that works the same as a heat pump, with an important difference in how it’s laid out. Instead of using an outdoor and indoor cabinet (a split system), a ductless system divides up the indoor cabinet into smaller air handlers units that attach to the outdoor unit through the back of the walls they’re mounted one. The air handlers each contain a blower fan and refrigerant coil and send out the conditioned air from the coil (either heated or cooled air) directly into a room. There’s no need for a network of ducts when you have these mini splits doing the job right different parts of the house.

Here’s how you might benefits from ductless heating and cooling

Going with a ductless mini split heat pump isn’t the perfect choice for every home. Homes that already rely on ductwork for a heat pump or AC are probably better served with sticking to one of the standard split systems. However, a home that has had to depend on small window unit ACs for comfort and don’t otherwise have a heat system—common in Florida—can enjoy better comfort and energy efficiency by going ductless. And it frees up those windows!

Here are other considerations:

  • Lower comfort bills: The absence of ducts means no heat loss or heat gain through duct walls, which means less work for the heat pump—and lower utility bills for you! The smaller motors used in the air handlers also draw on less electricity.
  • Zone control: The air handlers each operate using a handy remote, and only the ones in rooms that need heating or cooling need to be on. This gives a home complete zone control comfort, which also helps cut down on costs.
  • Cleaner air: Ductwork collects a lot of dust, dander, and lint. When the blower for the heater or AC comes in, it blasts out all these particles into the air, lowering indoor air quality. But without ducts, the air less dust and other contaminants in it. This is helpful for homes with people who suffer from allergies or asthma.

Finding out if your home will benefit from a ductless mini split installation is as easy as contacting our professionals!

Lee Heating & Cooling offers complete AC and heating for Pensacola, FL and the surrounding areas. Contact us to find out more about ductless mini split heat pumps.

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