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Planning for the Heat: AC Installation Ideas

riseing-thermometerIf you’re thinking of a new air conditioning installation in Pensacola, FL during the coming months—and spring is always the best time for it—then the best way to get started is to call your local, reliable HVAC contractor. Air conditioners are intricate pieces of equipment that have a lot in common with your refrigerator. Purchasing and installing a new central air conditioner isn’t as simple as buying a window AC unit from a store. Many factors about your house and how much cooling it needs (known as its cooling load) must be taken into account, and you need professionals to help.

We’re licensed HVAC professionals, so we can give you a bit of a head start in thinking about ideas for putting in a new cooling system. When you’re ready for the next steps, reach out to us and we’ll set up an appointment so you’ll have the best possible new air conditioning system.

Ways to Enjoy Central AC

There’s no longer only one choice for central cooling. Here’s some ideas for a new installation to consider.

  • Geothermal cooling: One of our specialties is working with geothermal cooling and heating systems. People often think geothermal can deliver only heat, but geothermal heat pumps are highly energy efficient in cooling mode and have no problem keeping a house comfortable during a hot Florida summer.
  • Solar air conditioning: Why not let the sun in Florida—the Sunshine State—power your air conditioner? This is one of the most energy-saving methods of keeping a house cool, and our location is ideal for solar air conditioning.
  • Ductless air conditioning: If you started reading this post thinking that it won’t apply to you because you don’t have a central ventilation system for your house, we’ve got good news: you don’t need ducts for central cooling! Ductless mini split heat pumps offer you the power of a central AC without ducts taking up space.
  • Heat pump: A heat pump is one of best ideas for comfort in a place like Florida, with hot summers and mild winters. A heat pump is essentially an air conditioning system that can change the direction it runs so it brings heat into a home when necessary. In cooling mode, a heat pump is just as powerful as a standalone air conditioner of the same size.
  • Zone control: This isn’t a type of air conditioner, but an addition onto the HVAC system you can have done as part of a new installation. We highly recommend it. Zone control allows you to choose which parts of your house receive cooling (or heating) and which don’t. You’ll save money by reducing the amount of energy you need to use for comfort.

We can find the right type of air conditioning system for your house, meeting not only your household comfort requirements but also your current budget needs. If you thought a geothermal or solar heat pump was out of your reach, you may be surprised to find out the truth!

Lee Heating & Cooling serves Pensacola and the surrounding areas with the best in air conditioning services.

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