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Commercial AC Maintenance—Don’t Let It Slip Past!

industrial-ventilation-systemSpring is the time when our service professionals handle many residential air conditioning maintenance jobs. We encourage all homeowners to arrange for this vital tune-up and inspection service. But it’s just as important—possibly more important—for commercial buildings in the Pensacola area to arrange to have maintenance for their air conditioning and cooling systems. A home AC only needs to keep a few people comfortable, and if it starts to fail, it can mean discomfort and inconvenience for a couple hours while help arrives. An air conditioner for a Florida business that fails can mean major loss of revenue and even the need for the operation to shut down until help can arrive. If you own or operate a business in the Florida heat, you don’t want to risk this happening!

Commercial AC Maintenance Means Peace of Mind

Do you want to spend each day of the long Florida summer worrying that your retail store, restaurant, office space, or work facility may suddenly turn into a greenhouse because the air conditioner stops working? Of course you don’t, and we don’t want you to worry either. There are many benefits to having annual spring maintenance for your commercial HVAC system, but the best is the intangible benefits of having peace of mind about your day-to-day operations. You won’t have to fret that a failed AC will drive off customers and clients, make workers unhappy and unproductive, or create a climate that damages equipment and makes it impossible to operate.

Commercial AC Maintenance Means Savings

When you have professionals inspect, clean, and tune-up your commercial AC system annually, you invest in long-term savings. Maintenance costs pay themselves back! One of the biggest ways you’ll save is on energy efficiency. A commercial AC does an immense amount of work during a Florida year, and this strain will cause it to lose efficiency and cost more and more to operate each season—unless it’s properly tuned-up and maintained. You’ll save more than 25% on energy savings over the system’s lifespan. And you’ll pay less for repairs, because the majority of fixes a commercial AC might need during its service life can be avoided thanks to maintenance.

Commercial AC Maintenance Means Longer Equipment Life

When do you want to replace your business’ cooling system? The answer should be “Not until I absolutely have to.” A commercial AC is an expensive piece of equipment, and you want to get the most life out of yours. Maintenance helps with this: a system that misses maintenance may only last half as long as its estimated service life. Maintenance also keeps the warranty current, protecting you from a manufacturer’s fault causing an early system breakdown.

Have Commercial Maintenance Done ASAP!

We recommend you schedule maintenance for your commercial air conditioning in Ferry Pass, FL with our HVAC professionals. We offer the same commitment to great HVAC maintenance for businesses that we do for homes. Everyone at Lee is dedicated to the highest quality customer service and professionalism for our commercial clients.

Lee Heating & Cooling serves Pensacola and the surrounding areas, and we have 24-hour emergency service available.

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